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6654 Black Horse Pike

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

(609) 641-3835


Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration. The high degree of discipline and concentration required for acrobatics carries over to many aspects of a student’s life, including academics and other athletic performance.

     Good acrobatic schools give great freedom of expression to a performer. In an acrobatic dance, you can add dance elements from ballet, jazz, modern, or even tap to make your dance an expression of your personality. There are no rules limiting the movements you may perform, the length of your dance, or the type of music you must use.

   Basic tumbling skills can be an added bonus for any dancer or athlete.  With careful, quality instruction, a dancer will gain more flexibility and upper body strength, giving him or her a substantial advantage in today's demanding choreography.  It is an excellent way to learn spatial awareness, an important element in partnering and ensemble work.  We also incorporate hand balancing, contortion and aerial arts into our acrobatic/tumbling program.


Tumbling class is for students with little or no tumbling experience.  Class is designed to help categorize the fundamental tumbling skills.  You will learn things such as back bends,cartwheels, somersaults, etc.  This class provides the basics for all tumbling skills.  This class is also featured in our optional performances.


Class Age Time Teacher Room
Tumble 4-6 4:30-5:15 Debbie Gym
Tumble 3-5 5:15-6:00 Debbie Gym
Tumble 7-9 5:15-6:00 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 6-8 6:15-7:00 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 8-11 6:15-7:30 Larissa Gym
Tumble 9-12 7:15-8:15 Jen Y Gym
Class Age Time Teacher Room
Tumble Teen 4:00-5:00 John Gym
Tumble 4-5 5:15-6:00 Ash/Jen Gym
Tumble 6-8 5:00-6:00 John Gym
Tumble 7-9 6:00-7:00 John Gym
Tumble 10-12 7:00-8:00 John Gym


Class Age Time Teacher Room
Tumble 8-12 4:00-4:45 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 3-4 4:45-5:30 Debbie Gym
Tumble 5-7 4:45-5:30 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 8-12 5:30-630 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 9-12 7:30-8:30 Jen Y Gym


Class Age Time Teacher Room
Tumble 9-12 4:00-5:00 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 4-5 4:15-5:00 Ashleigh Gym
Tumble 5-7 5:00-5:45 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 3-4 5:00-5:45 Ashleigh Gym
Tumble 6-8 5:45-6:30 John Gym
Tumble 7-9 6:30-7:30 John Gym
Tumble 9-12 7:30-8:30 John Gym
Tumble 9-12 7:30-8:30 Jen Y Gym


Class Age Time Teacher Room
Tumble 5-7 4:15-5:00 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 8-11 5:00-6:00 Jen Y Gym
Tumble 5-7 6:00-7:00 Jen Y Gym